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Hello Everyone!!! 

Welcome to my site!!! My name is Serina and I am the photographer for Serina Frey Photography.  I am a Southern Idaho Photographer located out in Buhl, Idaho. I was born and raised in California than my junior year of High School we moved to Filer, Idaho. I have carried a passion for art since early childhood, especially the realm of still images. I have taken multiples of art classes including digital photography through out my years of school.  Capturing the emotion, relationship, and interaction in a image is a gift I love doing. I have decided to turn what was a lifetime hobby into a career.

I am a proud wife and mom, and someone that absolutely loves capturing life's moments.

I live a pretty simple life on our family farm with family, friends, coffee, a good glass of wine and a lot of music. I have the most supported family and friends around me and I know I couldn't have done this without them.

Thank you for stopping by and after taking a glance at my work and blog, I sure hope to hear from you soon. Cheers!!


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Serina Frey Photography

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