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Blue, Yellow, & Green Smash Cake

I haven't posted a blog in so long and I keep telling myself that its something that I should do. Well here I go.....

Another smash cake in the books! :) When I heard they just wanted to colors blue, yellow, and green for their little girl, I was a little concern. I sat there thinking, 'how am I gonna do this.' I used Pinterest and google to look up ideas and couldn't come up with anything. I shopped online to every craft store and I was still stuck. I felt like I didn't have any creativity anymore and it was making me feel horrible. Soon after I saw what her outfit was gonna be, a light bulb came on. :) My mind was going crazy on ideas and I couldn't help to go into Michael's and got everything I need. I was so excited putting everything together that it came out perfect.

After getting everything all set up, I was thinking how it is crazy to think how this little girl is turning one. It was like yesterday when I went to the hospital holding this little precious newborn and now shes walking everywhere. Such beautiful eyes and I can see her cause trouble with her parents. ;)

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