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Josh & Lindzay WEDDING

The things I love about living in a small town is knowing so many people and also meeting people that know others. I didn't know Josh and Lindzay very well until they asked me to be their photographer for their wedding and I must say, these two has become very good friends to my family and I. :) Josh and Lindzay told me that their wedding was going to be at The Wild Orchard in Buhl, Idaho and I kept thinking to myself, I have lived near Buhl for almost 14 years and never heard of a place. Hands down, its one of the most beautiful spots to have a wedding at and this couple couldn't have made it anymore perfect. Their decorations and colors where perfect for this location. Amazing view of the canyon and they had a perfect spot for sunset images. Their sunset images turned out magnificent and definitely would love to shoot there again.

Thank you Josh and Lindzay for choosing me as your photographer. I had blast and your guys wedding turned out amazing!

Venue: The Wild Orchard BUHL, IDAHO

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