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Perfect Little Angel

This past month has been super busy for me. Not just photography but canning! Yes, I can. Canning is an addiction for me and I love it. Not the fact that it takes me 5 hours just can 7 quart size jars of pasta sauce (which that's pretty good for me) but the fact of having something that taste fresh out of the jar and I know what in it. Im a little freak when it comes to food but I have to when our family have allergy issues with food. We love everything fresh.

Ok now time to talk about this beautiful little angel that I got to shot awhile back. Yup I said it awhile back. Living on the farm, canning, stay of home mother to two, and photography keeps you very busy that time just goes by too quick. This little princess was so precious that day. She slept the whole time and I just couldn't get enough of all those little fingers and toes. Mommy and daddy are super lucky to have this beautiful girl! <3

Please enjoy these images and feel free to comment blew if you like. :)

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