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Wild Eloped

Pouring rain, wind blowing, and water puddles everywhere didn't stop this couple to get eloped! I am so grateful to be apart of a day they will never forget and will always cherish.

When I got the call asking to do their wedding, I was super excited! I couldn't wait for the day to come. As months go by, they both called me up and asked me if I would like to photograph their eloped wedding. I didn't even know what that meant!! I kept asking them questions like, are you guys cutting cake or are you goings going to be doing any dancing. Thinking in my head that there's a reception afterwards!! They told me they were having a handful of guest and they only needed me for a few hours. All that came to my mind was 'YES this is going to be super fun'!

Once they found a place to have their small eloped, I couldn't wait any longer to hear were it was going to be at. They told me it will be in Wilder, Idaho. WILDER, IDAHO!!! I didn't even know there was such a town called Wilder. I had to look it up and see where that was located at and I must say, I been to Boise plenty of times but never once seen or heard about Wilder. Driving through there was amazing. So much farm land and the venue was BEAUTIFUL! Chapel that they had was absolutely gorgeous. Perfect view of the river and they had an amazing layout. They definitely couldn't have picked a better spot to have an eloped wedding.

The rain was pouring down and temperatures were dropping but that still didn't stop us from getting amazing images. Yes we all got wet and we were all freezing but I must say these two amazing people couldn't have done it any better. <3

Definitely one to check off on my photography bucket list!

Mr & Mrs Wolleson,

Thank you again for bringing me to a wonderful place to capture memories for the both of you to cherish forever!


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